# Code of Conduct
HackSussex respects inclusivity. We believe that every single person has the right to hack in a safe and welcoming environment.

## Be nice
HackSussex strives to nurture skills and passion for software. Please stick to constructive feedback, and avoid any snark, sarcasm, and ego at home. Any content that is abusive, threatening, expresses hatred, or is likely to offend others is unacceptable and may result in the content being removed. Repeat and deliberate offences will result in the person being banned from future events.

## Be honest
Represent yourself, your work, and your team truthfully! Don't pass off others' work as your own, and credit fairly.

# Discussion Rules

## No NSFW Content
While mature content is allowed with proper disclaimers (news, history, research, etc), NSFW content posted for the sake of shock factor, such as nudity, graphic sexual content, gore, etc, is not allowed and will be removed. This applies to both real and animated content.

## No Religious or Politically provocative Content
Discussion of tech policy, law, and news is allowed.

## No Illegal Content
Posting or linking to any content considered illegal in the UK is forbidden. Discussions relating to pirated software, downloads of copyrighted materials, grey market keys, blackhat hacking, pentesting and similar is allowed in an educational context, as long as no explicit reference to sources of illegal material is posted.

## Keep off-topic Content in dedicated channels
Moderators reserve the right to move or remove excessive spam from general discussion channels.

## No Impersonation or Harassment
Impersonation of any member of the community in discussions (including staff) is not tolerated. Doxxing, or inciting any conflict with members of the community in person will be brought up with the university staff and escalated as appropriate.

## No Discrimination of any kind
Racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination is not tolerated. We want to welcome everyone to our society, no matter their skin colour, sex, gender, ability, or sexual orientation. Derogatory terms meant to belittle or insult users will not be tolerated.